Friday, March 11, 2011

Lundby transformer manuals

I had fun reading through this little manual that came in the box with one of my transformers. The first two pages are warnings--boring but important!

The next page talks about how to connect the transformer to the dollhouse. Hmmm... Wouldn't it be easier to connect cord 6095 to the transformer BEFORE plugging the other end into the house?

Now things get a bit complicated! I had never thought of connecting another cord 6095 to the transformer for an extension. Instead I generally insert the tiny plug from the transformer into the bottom-most extension, then use bridging cords (6097) to connect extension to extension and extension to house.

Again, the manual suggests inserting the plug end of 6095 into the extension BEFORE screwing the tiny metal forks into the transformer.

The manual goes on to explain how to connect the middle extension to the bottom garage extension using a bridging cord (6097). Then we learn how to hang lights and adjust their height.

Things get a little crazy again as we learn how to change bulbs! The manual claims that the "lamps shouldn't break" and should "burn for around 2,000 hours." Wow! In my experience those tiny bulbs can easily overheat--which is why it's not advisable to leave a transformer plugged in for an extended period of time.

Interesting that the manual has us cutting the cord of the burned-out bulb, rather than removing the plug pins so the wires can easily be pulled out. It also says to use a new plug (6192) rather than reusing the original one.

Next we learn how to power more than one lamp on the same plug and make lamps reach farther using single- and multi-socket extension cords (6512 and 6521).

The last page explains how to use extension cords in a piggy-back fashion to connect garden lamps. I love the tip about keeping things looking neat by hiding the cord under a hedge!

For more tips, take a look at these old leaflets:


  1. Great information. Super Great! Hope to post soon about the new peeps I got from you.

    Open Letter to all my Blogger Buddies: So sorry for my absence recently. I am finally back to work after almost 2 years. The time off has been great fun being a doll house mom and an exceptional wife but the Good Lord has blessed me with a great job that has been consuming my time and I certainly need the funds. I appreciate all of you, your sharing, your comments and your friendship so very much. I’m not disappearing or anything, I just wanted you to know. Best to YOU!

  2. Thanks, Amy! Glad to hear your new job is going well. Looking forward to reading about Mona and Marie and their new digs. I had to delete the post here about them to get my feed working again, but I'll put a link to your post once it's up.

  3. Hi can anyone tell me if I can run two houses with one transformer? I have two older houses that i want to stack up and eas wondering if i can bridge the power to the second house.

    1. Hi there! I've never tried that but I think it would work, provided you don't have too many lights. In another post on Lundby lighting I mentioned that one transformer can power up to 30 individual bulbs. With too many lights, the bulbs may burn out or brown out.

  4. Thank you. It was cheaper for me to buy another house than buy the extensions and this way I get more rooms to decorate. I am drawing up plans to see how I will fit them together.

    1. Sounds like a great project--have fun!