Monday, January 8, 2018

Balm for this Lundby-lover's soul

For me, one of the best things in life is putting Lundby into the hands of people who love it...and people who want to share their love for it with others. So I was excited to hear from Jane, who bought a Lundby dollhouse from me for her granddaughter, to replace the one her daughter had played with as a girl and had since been damaged.

"We gave the dollhouse and furniture to our four-year-old granddaughter today and she was glowing with joy!" Jane wrote. "It was so much fun for my daughter (who is 41) to unpack all the old furniture from 35 years ago and see her own daughter fill up the house.

"I must have bought a house with more levels way back then, seeing as we had way more furniture than could fit in this dollhouse--including a car. So there will be more 'house' to buy as my granddaughter gets older.

"She played with the dollhouse ALL day!

"We printed out a brand new roof using your roof paper and glued it on. It looks terrific. Our old transformer still works and now a chandelier lights up the main room on the second floor.

"Thanks for your help and for selling us such a lovely gift!"

I loved being a part of your Lundby quest and hearing your story, Jane! 💗

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Quick access

Hello and welcome! Jump to Lundby items for sale. Jump to Lundby papers and printables. Contact me. Or just explore, and feel free to leave a comment! 😊

Looking to sell a Lundby collection? Get in touch with details and photos, and I'll do what I can to advise.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Fiddly fix for detached wiring

Oh no! One of your Lundby lights isn't working and you notice that the cord has come loose at the plug. Here's how to fix the wiring and get your light back on.

If bare wire is exposed, as you see here:

Remove the prong from the plug (unless it has already fallen out, as above). Use a small pliers if necessary.

Thread the exposed wire into the hole in the plug from the bottom.

Then insert the prong from the top.

Use a pliers to push the prong all the way in. Be sure the exposed wire stays inside the hole and is in contact with the prong.

If the cord has come loose and bare wire is NOT exposed, as you see here:

Strip off the white covering on the cord to reveal about 1/4 inch (6 mm) of bare wire. Do this by first making a slight nick in the covering with a craft knife, being careful not to cut all the way through.

Use your fingernails to pinch off the white covering. Follow the steps above to insert the wire and prong back into the plug.

ALERT: This process can be fiddly and frustrating! Take breaks and know that it may take a few tries--and a few choice words--to get it right. Good luck!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hunting for a Lundby house?

If you're looking for a Lundby dollhouse, you're in luck! I have three for sale that might just fit the bill (UPDATE: All three houses sold fast! Watch my blog for more 80s Lundby items, coming soon).

All are Gothenburg models with white frames. Two are from the 1980s:

See those Lundby flags flying from the chimneys? I made them! 😊

The third is a very special house produced for a limited time in the early 1990s:

Known as the Salame & Signor (or "frog") dollhouse, it was inspired by a children's book published by Lundby and written by Viveca Sundvall, with illustrations by Gunilla Wärnström. Here's the cover:

See the Lundby dollhouses in the distance, behind the frogs Salame and Signor? Those cute little guys are featured in a picture window in the dollhouse itself, as shown above. You can still find the book here.

Watch for more items for sale, coming soon to my album. Please contact me to ask questions, make a purchase, share your wishlist, or just talk Lundby!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Lundby for sale

Hello Lundby fans! For the most up-to-date list of my items for sale, including descriptions and prices, please visit my album. I occasionally add new items to the list, and I remove items as they sell. Below are some of the items currently available:

Please contact me if you have questions or want to make a purchase. Thanks for looking!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Lundby! Lundby!

What a surprise to spot a Lundby Stockholm in the 1982 movie Author! Author! starring Al Pacino!

Too bad there was no closeup of the house and its contents. It was just a background prop in the girls' bedroom.

I wonder if the young actors played with the dollhouse between takes.

That very same dollhouse sat in my bedroom back then, where it was much more than just a fancy prop!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Hang it up!

If the lights (with plastic ceiling disks) and pictures in your Lundby dollhouse keep falling down, you're not alone! Instead of using glue or a permanent adhesive like double-sided foam tape, you may want to try a removable adhesive like Glue Dots. They come in a roll and can be found at most craft stores.

I simply unroll the backing paper and touch the back of the item I want to hang (in this case a Lundby clock) to one of the sticky dots.

The dot is transferred to the back of the clock, which is now ready to hang.

And voilà!

Removable Glue Dots are nice because they won't stain paint or paper, and you can just peel items off and redecorate as you please. But for heavier items they're sometimes not quite strong enough--especially in humid weather.