Friday, March 16, 2018

Talking about transformers

Different Lundby transformer models have been produced by different companies over the years. For whatever reason, I've always been partial to the stout black transformer made by Jester Toys in the 1970s for the Stockholm dollhouse.

Maybe it's that snazzy silver logo or maybe it's the nostalgia I feel for my childhood Lundby dollhouse. 😏

But I recently developed a new appreciation for the 1980s Lundby transformer produced by Brio.

 I was fortunate enough to come upon one still in its box with the original "use and care" instructions.

The "installation" instructions say the transformer is intended for use with "the following Lundby houses and extensions: 6001 - Original House, 6002 - Gothenburg House, 6050 - Gothenburg Extension, 6040 - Stockholm House, 6041 - Stockholm Extension, 6052 - Garage Extension." 

Interesting that the 6001 model is called the "Original House" and the 6002, also known as the Salame & Signor or "frog" house, is called the "Gothenburg House."

At the top right of the instructions is the BRIO logo with a Wisconsin address.
Currently at that same address is an Internet fulfillment, e-commerce support, and product distribution company. Long gone are the days when Lundby and its distributors had a strong presence in the U.S.! 😢

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