Friday, January 7, 2011


One of the best things about collecting Lundby is the new friends I've made, from near and far. It has also been fun sharing my hobby with old friends and family.

As kids my best friend Carolin and I used to make and trade dollhouse items with each other. A couple years ago she was kind enough to sell me her childhood collection. It sure brought back memories! The tiny drum, Bodo Hennig sailboat, and red Lego cabinet in my kids' room were hers:

The colorful books are also Bodo Hennig:

The jointed pewter teddy bear, made by Hantel in Scotland, is from my good friend Stacy. And the little rug is a vintage fabric scrap from my super stylish friend Pinky:

My dear friend Linda gave me a very special birthday present this year--a working Caroline's Home washing machine!

Her skilled hubby rigged it with a little motor that makes the drum turn:

This Lisa fireplace--perfect in my Lisa dollhouse livingroom--is from my thoughtful and generous friend Siegi:

Here's to a great year of dollhouse fun and friendship for us all!


  1. So true!! I love to have dollhouse-collector-friends :) Collecting is really more fun if you have friends with the same interests!!


  2. Most definitely! Especially when your hubby has no interest in any of it! :^|

  3. I love the Bodo Hennig books, never seen any of those before.

  4. Thanks! I love how colorful they are.

  5. Oh my goodness! A working washing machine. What a fantastic idea....

    Goes off to muse on the possibilities.....