Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mini electrics & lighting 101

From the 1977 Lundby catalog
A fully lit Lundby dollhouse is a sight to behold! lights will enhance the realism of your furnished rooms and give them a cozy glow. But mini electrics can be confusing. Have questions about lighting your Lundby dollhouse? Read on for help...

How may lights can one transformer power?
You should be able to light your house and extensions using a single transformer. One transformer (#6060) is designed for one house with one or two extensions, or up to 30 individual bulbs. With too many lights, the bulbs may burn out or brown out.

#6060 Lundby transformer from Jester Toys
How do I connect my house and extensions?
Does your house have more than one outlet on the back? If so, you can insert the tiny plug from the transformer into one of those outlets and a bridging cord (#6097) into the other, then plug the other end of the bridging cord into the topmost extension. Use another bridging cord to connect that extension to the next one and so on, being careful not to exceed 30 individual bulbs.

#6097 bridging cords
Alternatively, you can plug the transformer into the bottom extension and use bridging cords to connect to any upper extensions and the house. This is a good option for older houses that have only one outlet on the back. Another option would be to power your extension(s) using a separate transformer.

A note of caution
Enjoy your fully lit house in small doses! Never leave a Lundby transformer plugged in permanently. The transformer could overheat, and your bulbs will burn out.

See my other posts ("Lundby lighting" category) for tips on powering Lundby houses using older Lundby transformers and links to Lundby transformer leaflets.


  1. I am in the process of trying to renovate my 1971 Lundby home. I have the 6060 transformer, but I am unable to locate the bridge connectors. Any help on where I can find them? Or an alternative?

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! For 6097 bridging cords, I'd suggest contacting my Lundby friend Sue (founder of the We Love Lundby Club). You can reach her at