Saturday, January 15, 2011

SURVEY :: Your favorite era

What is your favorite Lundby era? Please take a moment to think it over and answer the survey in the right-hand column.

Here are your choices:

Earliest Lundby and 1960s – photo from 1966 catalog

1970s – photo from 1977 catalog

1980s – photo from 1985 catalog

1990s – photo from 1993 catalog

Modern Lundby – photo from 2006 catalog

Or maybe you find it too hard to choose? You can also answer that you love them all!

I have a hard time choosing but find myself most drawn to 1970s Lundby, as that's what I had as a kid.

What makes your favorite era so special to you? Feel free to leave a comment below!


  1. I just love all them but actually the older the better due to precision and quality in the items. I like the older Lundby items that were actually made in Sweden instead of China. Thanks for commenting on my Lundby TV's. I agree with you. I am slowly learning that the more detailed an item is the older it is in most cases. The plasma tv's don't lite up and they don't come with remote controls either but they suffice.

  2. Thanks for your vote! I love comparing different Lundby models over the years and seeing the changes--from the early kitten TV you have to the leopard plasma TV (meow--I guess there's still a connection!). Same with the New Scandinavia bed with built-in headboard. Hmmmm...maybe good material for a future post?

  3. I've only just discovered Lundby, but I can't stop searching ebay to find more vintage pieces. I just wish the mail would hurry up and arrive. I've only received a few pieces so far -the anticipation is kiling me! I'd have to say my favourites are from the 70s. I love the funky retro styles of the 60s and 70s. My biggest problem is that I live in Australia and can't get a hold of vintage Lundby homes, so I think I might try to build my own. I want to decorate it with vintage dollhouse wallpaper to make it my own anyway.

  4. Anna, welcome to the world of Lundby! I know that feeling of anticipation, waiting for pieces in the mail--maddening! I hope your packages arrive soon. Sorry it's so hard to find Lundby houses in Australia. Building and decorating your own sounds like a great idea. Believe it or not, I mailed a Lundby dollhouse and two extension floors to Australia a while back. If you haven't already, please check out my "Vintage Lundby for Sale" website (under "My Links"). Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Have fun with your new obsession! ;^)