Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hunting for a Lundby house?

If you're looking for a Lundby dollhouse, you're in luck! I have three for sale that might just fit the bill (UPDATE: All three houses sold fast! Watch my blog for more 80s Lundby items, coming soon).

All are Gothenburg models with white frames. Two are from the 1980s:

See those Lundby flags flying from the chimneys? I made them! ­čśŐ

The third is a very special house produced for a limited time in the early 1990s:

Known as the Salame & Signor (or "frog") dollhouse, it was inspired by a children's book published by Lundby and written by Viveca Sundvall, with illustrations by Gunilla W├Ąrnstr├Âm. Here's the cover:

See the Lundby dollhouses in the distance, behind the frogs Salame and Signor? Those cute little guys are featured in a picture window in the dollhouse itself, as shown above. You can still find the book here.

Watch for more items for sale, coming soon to my album. Please contact me to ask questions, make a purchase, share your wishlist, or just talk Lundby!

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