Friday, February 26, 2016

Connecting older Lundby transformers

In another post I talk about the basics of lighting Lundby houses, how many bulbs one transformer can power, etc. Here I'll share some tips for using older Lundby transformers.

Older transformer like the one pictured above were designed to work with a multi-socket adapter (#6099, shown separately below).

#6099 multi-socket adapter, top
#6099 multi-socket adapter, bottom
If you have an older transformer like the one above, follow the steps in the June 2008 insert to the Lundby Letter: Plug one end of a bridging cord (#6097) into the adapter and the other into the house. Plug another bridging cord into the adapter for an extension.

If you have an older transformer without a multi-socket adapter, you can do as shown in the March 2008 insert to the Lundby Letter: Cut the plug of a Lundby extension cord in half and insert the separated prongs directly into the grommets on the transformer (anchor them using Sticky Tack or a similar product). Then plug one end of the bridging cord into the extension cord and the other into the house. Follow the same technique for an extension floor.

Many thanks to We Love Lundby Club member Patricia Harrington, author of the Lundby Letter inserts mentioned above, for her expert guidance and for the transformer instructions.


  1. Hi I am wondering if the new Lundby transformers work in the older houses? I have one from the 70s but the transformer got lost years ago! thanks.

    1. Hi there! I've never had a new Lundby transformer, but from what I've been told they will work with both modern and vintage Lundby houses (vintage houses with plastic frames only). The longer prongs on the plugs of new Lundby lights (made after about 2003) and transformers fit the outlets in vintage Lundby houses but may need to be pinched together slightly to fit into the holes and/or secured with a product like Sticky Tack. I hope that helps!

    2. Hi can you help what fuse do you put in the wall plug in UK for blue 6060 transformer

    3. Hello! There are links in the post above to articles that describe two options for connecting older transformers to Lundby houses (either using extension cords or connector cords). Good luck!