Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lundby papers

Want to give your vintage Lundby dollhouse a facelift? I have taken photos of original Lundby papers that you can resize and print, then apply to damaged spots or entire walls. Here are a few examples:

Feel free to download and resize any of the images for use in your mini renovation project. You can do this in various programs (I've used Word and Paint). Then you can print the papers and affix them to your dollhouse walls.

Alternatives to Lundby papers
I have repapered rooms in Lundby dollhouses and extensions using scrapbooking paper (which comes in a variety of colors and dollhouse-scale  patterns), but real wallpaper may also be used. Be very careful with paint or wallpaper paste, as it can be messy and might cause the old layer of paper to buckle.

How I do it
I don’t remove old wallpaper, except to peel off any loose bits. Rather than removing windows or doors, I work around them. 

I make a template of each wall by laying bits of thick paper around the edges of the wall and around any doors/windows and then taping the bits together.

Here are some templates I made for a Lundby Stockholm dollhouse and extension by taping together old business cards:

I make templates this way for floors, too, whether I recover them with paper or carpet.

Once I have a wall template made, I trace it onto the paper I want to cover the wall with, cut it out, completely cover the back of the paper with glue, apply it to the wall, and smooth it all over using my fingers and the edge of a credit card.

I like using a glue stick (like UHU brand) because it's easier to control and less messy than liquid glue or paste.

Have photos of other Lundby papers, or better quality photos than what's in my album? Have mini repapering or restoration tips? With your permission, I'd love to post and share them!


  1. I think it is very nice of you to post these wallpapers in your album.
    Greetings from Lil in Sweden.

  2. Hi Julie I am a new follower of your blog which I found through Past and Present Dolls House forum. I am looking for a 1970 or early 80's Lundby house to buy and furnish and love your houses.

  3. Hello Diane! I hope you find a house of your own soon. I would offer to sell you one, but I see you are across the pond from me, so postage for something that large would probably be far too expensive. Thanks for visiting and following my blog, and also for your kind comment on my houses! :^) Julie

  4. Are any of your Stockholm dollhouses for sale?

    1. Hi Mary! Sorry, I don't have any dollhouses for sale at the moment.