Friday, April 29, 2011

Passover in the Lundby home

Martha has kindly shared photos of her Lundby family celebrating Passover.

She tells me there was a huge crowd, including Saba Greenbo (leading the seder in his tallit and kippah), Savta Jacqueline (with her head covered), Great Grandmother Savta Hannah (wearing a hat), Grandpa David, Grandma Martha, and even Oma Chavah and Opa Joop, who came all the way from Holland, plus all the children and grandchildren.

On the table are Shabbat candles, a bottle of Manischewitz kosher wine, a kiddush cup, a seder plate with all the ceremonial items, and matzah. There is even a Haggadah (the book we read at the Passover seder) and an empty chair and cup for the prophet Elijah.

Thank you, Martha, for sharing your incredibly detailed mini Passover scene! Your grandsons are so lucky they have you to play Lundby with.

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