Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lundby en France

I wanted to let you know about two websites featuring Lundby, both created by collectors in France.

Valérie's website showcases her fabulous collection of Lundby, Lisa, Hanse, and Caroline's Home houses (among others) dating from the early 1970s (click the link after "English translation here" for English). Valérie gives a detailed history of each brand and also talks about her own experience collecting.

Valérie's 1970s Gothenburg
Ulla-Maija's website shows the treasures in the doll and teddy bear museum she has set up in her home (click on the British flag for English). Her collection spans the late 1800s to today and includes a beautifully furnished 1960s Gothenburg (here's a photo, as promised for those of you who voted for "earliest Lundby and 1960s" in my survey).

Ulla-Maija's 1960s Gothenburg
Both sites are now available in English (thanks to a Lundby fanatic translator--me!). I hope you enjoy visiting Valérie and Ulla-Maija's sites!


  1. After collecting only old german dollhouses for a while,
    one day I discovered my love for the detailed houses & furnitures of Lundby, Lisa etc..
    Now I´m happy about all informations and pictures
    I can find - thank you for yours!
    And now I started some days ago to show my own small collection in a new blog -
    best regards, Irmchen

  2. Hallo Irmchen! Thank you for your comment. I look forward to following your blog. You have some lovely pieces! :^) Julie

  3. Thanks for the tips - I guess i´ve been there before, but it´s always good to be reminded!